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from: the on-line hacker Jargon File, version 4.2.3:

plonk excl.,vt. Usenet: possibly influenced by British slang
`plonk' for cheap booze, or `plonker' for someone behaving stupidly
(latter is lit. equivalent to Yiddish `schmuck')
The sound a {newbie}
makes as he falls to the bottom of a {kill file}. While it originated
in the {newsgroup} talk.bizarre, this term (usually written "*plonk*")
is now (1994) widespread on Usenet as a form of public ridicule.
St00oid is as st00pid oes. *PLONK*
by HTH January 26, 2003
RTFFAQ means "read the fine (list of) frequently asked questions"
Hey Johnny, RTFFAQ, douchebag!
by HTH January 26, 2003

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