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When a gust of wind blows someones skirt up and they have to hold it down. Like Marilyn Monroe's famous scene in 'The Seven Year Itch'
(gust of wind)
She may have been wearing a knee-length coat, but the Duchess perhaps didn't anticipate just how windy it would that day. She gave onlookers an eyeful when a gust of wind ensured her very own Marilyn moment. Whilst exiting the aircraft she was forced to quickly pull down her dress and as it almost resulted in a rather embarrassing knicker flash.
by hS May 20, 2014
An alternate of the term jet (which means to vacate or leave), for people who are just asking to have their asses kicked.
Person 1: Later people, I gotta jetskippy!
Person 2: You fucking fag.
by HS January 03, 2005
Chubby chaser. Plumper lover. Anti kitty licker. Jedi master of karma whoring. All knowing karma master. One that has sexual intercourse in two minutes or less
Hammy is a karma whore.
by hs February 11, 2005

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