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4 definitions by HRH,Queenof Washington Heights

To get out of one's depressed, moody state.
Joe needed to defunkify after moping around for a month since his girlfriend broke up with him.
76 4
The going currency in which one has to repay the other after wronging said other person.
Zev gave Sara the finger for no apparent reason, therefore owes her a Bucket of Chinese Food (BCF).
by HRH,Queenof Washington Heights March 01, 2009
68 8
Plural of status
People have a tendency to change their g-chat and facebook statusi way too often.
by HRH,Queenof Washington Heights October 08, 2008
47 12
to chill out and relax and refer to the figure skating term triple axel all at once.
Tom needed to chilaxel after getting all stressed out about Michelle Kwan losing the Olympics.
38 9