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A situation where all the girls in an area are rocking an HPT.
Patrick: Dayumn did you check out that Bubble Tease place? It's an HPT epidemic up in there.

Alexander: Uh hell yeah, I has the HPT Syndrome fool

Eric: hey hey hey
by HPTmasterbater November 05, 2010
A HPT fetish. When a guy gets horny seeing the perfect ponytail.
Alexander: Yo guys I have a confession ... I have that HPT syndrome.

Patrick: Yo man, you have that shit bad.

Eric: That's so hawt bro.
by HPTmasterbater November 05, 2010
an acronym for Hot Ponytail. It is when an aesthetically pleasing female has the perfect ponytail.
Alexander: Damn, guys did u see the HPT on that bubble tease waitress

Patrick: Damn yo, u have that HPT syndrome

by HPTmasterbater November 05, 2010
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