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I don't give a fuck. Leave me the hell alone.
So-and-so like you. Do you like her?
by Holli December 03, 2004
to suggest that something is something.
Matt implyed that I was gay. Then I told him off.
by HOLLi February 24, 2005
the act of giving oral sex

its somthing you can say in front of your parents and they will never figure it out
while talking in front of his mother jason asks shana "will you moop me"?
by holli April 27, 2004
An anagram. It stands for "Just Another Shitty Day In Paradise".
Gawd, JASDIP, what did you think Craig?
by Holli September 11, 2004
A shitty little village filled with old people and chavs.One good thing came out of Emsworth me! To be fair Mike Downer as well...
"Dude lets go to Emsworth and visit the legends which are Mike and Holli"
by Holli June 15, 2004

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