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1. owned: pwned: pwnd
As Hog humps a dead body on Halo
by Hog March 16, 2005
Adjective. 1. Used to describe a positive situation that is lesbian related. 2. A woman who behaves like a stereotypical lesbian.
1. The Ani DiFranco concert last week was dyketacular! 2. That new girl at the stripjoint sure is dyketacular.
by HOG December 05, 2002
An affirmation stemming from the slang "a'ight".
"Shall we commence to yon tavern?" "Ah igit."
by HOG September 05, 2003
A delusion of some whack named jonny.
"microsubterranianegyptianseamonkeys"? That jonny is whacked out of his goard.
by HOG December 05, 2002
rooster aka dick
Madcatz IS the biggest cock ever
by hog September 16, 2003

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