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To act in a DG-like manner. ie acting like a degenerate Polynesian teenager. To do this to an extreme degree is known as "DG-ing it up Hard Core"
person 1: "G'day, what are ya up to?"
person 2: "oh, y'know, just Dg-ing it up"
person 3: "F***, you DGs are DG-ing it up Hard Core!"
by HOB October 15, 2004
Someone who is extremely tall and has a hunched posture, thus resembling a banana.
Haha, here comes banana man!
by HOB October 15, 2004
A subtle mispronouncing of "Fuck All"
"hey man, what are you up to?"
"Far Call mate"
by HOB October 15, 2004
The main staple of the Polynesian diet, Corned beef is not unlike dog food. It comes in very large tins, which the Polynesians then use as musical instruments, toys and pretty much everything else.
Nesian: "F*** bro, got any corned beef cuz?"
Person: "no, f*** off fob"
by HOB October 11, 2004
A sexual fetish as follows:
The dominant male, after drinking some liquid prior, takes a pair of forceps (as used to help deliver babies) and uses them to forcibly hold open the submissive woman or man's anus to a width suitable for urinating into. He them urinates into the dilated asshole, filling it with urine. the forceps are then removed, and the anus allowed to close fully. The recipient of the asspiss is then allowed the great pleasure of passing the urine out his or her anus, as if defecating, only liquid. This process is quickly growing in popularity, and looks set to move mainstream within the next few years.
hey, bitch! I'm gonna give you an asspiss whether you like it or not!
by HOB October 11, 2004
Short for Degenerate. Usually refers to someone who is inferior, often Polynesians or others who behave like Polynesians. DG's often have thin facial hair on their top lip.
"hey look at that DG fob over there mate"

DG: "F*** bro, represent soufside, f***"
by HOB October 11, 2004
Pacific Island Gangsta
A Polynesian teenager who lives in Auckland, New Zealand and is descended from overstayers. These nesians think that because they are coloured, they can be like Afro-Americans. PIGs choose a random colour and hand sign to "represent" at each other.
PIGs: F*** bro (pronounced "Brerr"), represent my soufside crew bro!
Normal Person: Fuck off nesians!
by HOB October 06, 2004

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