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A clothing store located in your nearest crappy mall. It has nothing to do with rebelling or being "original." I shop at Hot Topic because I love music. Not because I'm a "goth/emo" who's trying to rebel against socitey. The store motto is "All about the music" and I want a T-shirt with my favorite band on it, thanks. But when I go to the mall I go to Hot Topic, American Eagle, Aeropostle, and Hollister. And if that makes me a poser or whatever the crap you want to call it then hey I'll say it, "I'M A POSER!" It's a store. Just like American Eagle or Hollister or any other "preppy store." A way to waste your money on clothes that you'll only wear for two months because after three you're daddy will have to buy you a knew one becase "OMG, this shirt so old. It's so last season. I just don't think I can bare to wear it anymore!"
"Hey, let's go to Hot Topic or any other store in the mall and spend all our money on clothes we'll never wear" *skips away merrily*
by HNB January 08, 2008

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