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A racist epithet sometimes directed at an Asian woman who happens to be dating a White man. Generally used only by bitter White women who have failed in relationships, not understanding that it may be due to their own lack of attractiveness, personality, or character. They fail to comprehend the natural likeability of Asian women who are kind and feminine (incorrectly labeling them "submissive"), and also fail to appreciate White men who are nice, intelligent, and gentlemanly. Feeling lost in her own bitterness, the White woman will ascribe nefarious motives to such persons liking each other, and will resort to unfounded racist stereotyping.
My fucking ex-boyfriend is going with some fucking Asian banana. I can't stand it. They can't possibly love each other. She's just after his money. Shit, I need a hit of cocaine.
by HL63 May 15, 2012

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