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Prison. Refers to prison yards in correctional facilities.
We form like niggas in the yard up north -Mobb Deep
by HKIC April 11, 2004
Malt Liquor for the mature alcoholic. With an alcohol content of 10% and a low, low price that appeals to high-school students and natives alike, two 40s of this nectar of the gods can make you the life of the party, or send you to the emergency room. Brewed by Pabst in the US of A but found in Canada.
Black Bull has alot of potential to be one of the best in Canada. The fact that it weighs in at 10% makes it a true heavyweight. All in all when you first smell this badboy you want to cringe, but as soon as you start to swill you find your self quite satisfied. -40ozmaltliquor.com
by HKIC April 15, 2004
(passive verb) Usually found in the form "to be (or get) fuckoed."

a. To be severely intoxicated or incapacitated through drug or alchol consumption.

b. To be suffer massive trauma or death, especially in a spectacular, bloody manner.
That last 40 of Black Bull and those two joints last night got me so fuckoed I blacked out...all in all a great night!

Check out that exploded guy on ogrish.com! He's completely fuckoed!
by HKIC April 15, 2004
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