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An Episcopal 3-12 private school located in Atlanta, GA whose mascot is a Golden Bear and all students are given laptops. Commonly referred to as HI or HIES, these kids can be spotted by their crimson, gold, gray, and white uniforms. Many people find the girls uniforms to resemble typical slutty school girl outfits. Holy Innocents kids either stick to themselves or mingle with other private schools in the area such as Westminster, Lovett, and Pace. Riverwood is their biggest rival, as they are less than a mile away from each other. Some HIES kids are weird, but for the most part they are pretty cool and know how to have a really good time. The majority are wealthy and some choose HIES because they cannot get into the other private schools, which is why their nickname is sometimes Holy Idiots. Some people also call them Holy Not So Innocent.
Other private school kid: "Hey, what school do you go to?"

HIES kid: "I go to Holy Innocents!"

Other private school kid: "Really? Awesome! I hear HI kids are really chill and know how to have a good time. Let's all hang out!"
by HIGBY April 20, 2011

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