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Kittatinny is a high school, in Sussex County, NJ of about 1,000 kids. Starting from grade 7 to 12, it's comprised of kids from Fredon, Hampton, Sandyston-Walpack, and Stillwater. KRHS has about 3 students that aren't white and everyone knows who they are. Mostly run by the pick-up driving, confederate flag-waving, tobacco-chewing 'hicks'... everyone else who doesn't fit into this category isn't considered cool. The athletics here all suck, and you can't think of at least one occasion when we actually won something in sports. Actually, the only sport anyone cares about here is wrestling. It's the only thing Kittatinny is known for, even though we can never beat High Point. When one hears Kittatinny they can't even pronounce it and have never heard of the school before. All the students here, even girls, go fishing and hunting and we are probably the only school on the planet that has off on the first day of hunting season.
KRHS is basically in the middle of nowhere surrounded by cow farms and vast nothingness. Everyone knows that Sandyston is a shit town comprised of about 5 students in the entire school who all stick together and talk to no one else. Most people hang out with kids from Newton, and know what you're talking about when you say Pope Dope. For every Kittatinny student the best times of the year are 'the corn maze', 'the fair', and 'AC'. Most people live on more than an acre of land. Call it Kittatinny, Kitt, or KRHS it sucks either way.
Kid 1: where do you go to school?
Kid 2: Kittatinny
Kid 1: What the fuck is that? how do you even say it?
Kid 2: We were once good at wrestling
Kid 1: ohhhhhh.. how do you say it again?
by HICKKKK April 21, 2011
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