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A hidden agenda is like an ulterior motive; you or someone else may do something or act a certain way in supposed benevolence, but the real reason you or they actually did that was also for personal gain; not to just help out.
My dad kindly lent me the money to buy my first car, but it turned out he just did that so he could borrow it from me all the time. This new car had a towbar to use with his friends trailer he borrowed, so he could move his stuff out faster. Hence, he only lent me the money so that he could use the car I bought, for himself. That guy is full of hidden agendas.
#ulterior motive #shifty #snake in the grass #father #car
by HFBBQ February 21, 2008
Misspelling of arvo.

I'm going to teh bottle-o this avro, do you want anything while I'm there?
#arvo #afternoon #australian #lingo #teh
by HFBBQ February 22, 2008
Irrelevant relatives. People in your family who you don't know and hardly ever see, who annoy you at family reunions. They never attend any other gathering that you are aware of. Their sole purpose of turning up to the reunion is to tell you that (unfortunately), you are related to them.
I was at a family reunion last week and one of my irrelatives there just wouldn't shut up about how much weight she'd lost.
#relatives #family #in-laws #out-laws #reunions
by HFBBQ February 22, 2008
Someone who is not a "true" vampire; one who has some of the stereotypical features of a "movie vampire" but is not considered a proper vampire by the broader community of "true" vampires; an outcast.
Not to be confused with "wannabe" vampires, such as some manifestations of goths/emos/etc.
You are not a Vamprior if you do stereotypically vampiric things just to make yourself a vampire or vamprior. You have to be born into stereotypical vampirism. Love of blood is the only prerequisite, but if you force yourself to conform to any stereotypical vampirism, you're a wannabe, and cannot carry the title.
Also not to be confused with "proper" vampirism, research it for yourself if you think that is the way you are inclined.
I have natural fangs, a taste for blood, a love of the night, and like to bite people for blood who are willing. I can go out in the sun and don't mind garlic.

I'm not a vampire, I'm a vamprior.
#vampire #vamprior #biting #blood #fangs
by HFBBQ October 17, 2007
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