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1 definition by HEADBANG69

Metalheads are individuals that are devoted fans of METAL music they love metal they talk breathe metal. stereotypically Metalheads are said to have long nasty hair tite pants band merch A real Metalhead doesnt have to wear none of that you can go to the mirror and with the clothes your wearing call your self a Metalhead as long as you like the music Metalheads are stereotyped in being satanic religion has nothing to do with METAL. Metalheads can listen to any music like rock country jazz blues and sometimes even rap but thats rare Metalheads can be found any where shows school at the street or a store. Metalheads that are real and not trendy fags wont care what you think of them And no Metalheads dont have to listen to METALLICA SLAYER OR MAIDEN as long as its real METAL not fake mainstream METAL wannabs
real Metalhead-Did you see TRIVIUM last night Fake poser- Are you kidding i was at hot topic buying lady gaga shirts shes so metal Real Metalhead-*sigh seriously Fake poser-i love hot topic
by HEADBANG69 January 30, 2010