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I don't know where most of the preps live, but in Virginia, where I live, there is a group of girls and guys that are preppy. They sit together at lunch. I am part of this group and this is what I have noticed. (We're not in to J.Crew yet cause we're just 8th graders)

-Hollister Co. is popular among the preps (just girls)
-Abercrombie was popular last year, but this year, its A&F
-Guys ALWAYS wear Ralph Lauren polos with their collars popped
-We all wear Adidas
-Girls have destroyed brown leather belts from Hollister (ribbons are SOOOOOOOOO out)
-Hair for girls is usually straightened or in a ponytail
-Hair for guys is just tousled
-Preps talk a lot of smack!!! I try not to. They make a lot of rumors up and are not so welcoming.
-They don't dress slutty, but act it.
-Parents usually work government jobs in D.C.
-We usually get food brought from outside of school for us
-Select preps wear Lacoste (I have 4 polos from there)
-Select preps wear Tiffany charm bracelets
a preppy conversation at our lunch table
Tiffany: OMG! Vannesa is such a wannabe!
Annie: I know! What a slut!
Tiffany: You know David is going out with Hilary?
Annie: Seriously? Want to go shopping this Friday?
Tiffany: Hold on, let me call my mom and ask.
by HCO LOVER January 02, 2006

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