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A sport requiring hard work and endurance as well as alot of time. It is the most exciting sport possibly of them all because of the terrain you take on which varies from track to track. It rapes Hockey,Baseball,Bowling,And parts of Football to a tee and makes you a better person after you run it.
Dude: Man i went and ran cross country and it made me feel great, right after i almost fell on my knees because my legs hurt so much.
Me:Ha, Dude look at my State rings, one for Cross Country, Basketball, Indoor State Track...
by HCO February 20, 2008
Somthing outrageously worse than your normal adjective,
The way of creating a less offensive word than Re"dick"ulous
Just an awesome word (i.e: "Awesomeness")
Friend: Dude my GF just got my phone, and saw all the numbers i got last friday!
Me: LOL! thats Redonkulous!

Mom: I'm cutting off your allowance because you have a 60% in math
Kid: Thats Redonkulous mom!

by HCO March 16, 2008

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