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The hard, living, calcareous tissue constituting the skeletal framework of, and present in all mammels' feces, which provides strength and support to the shitlog.
When Tommy shat off the edge of the lookout tower, his fat steaming blacklog fell 100 feet to the ground. The impact splattered the turd, clearly splitting the shitlog's shitbone.
by HC Greenly December 31, 2006
to slam a giant pile of human feces from the anus into the toilet or wherever
Can I hatch a deuce in your BR before I dip?
by HC Greenly December 05, 2006
The tubular extension leading from the cervix to the ouside of the body, it is the major female reproductive organ present in all mammels.

Another name for the vagina.
A proper boning of a fertile womb tube results in a fetus.
by HC Greenly January 04, 2007
A very large penis, may be dark in color, but not necessarily. This word comes from a mix of "third leg" and the legend that people with dark skin have bigger penises then whiter people.
My blackleg was floppin' all over the place and hittin' my knees.
by HC Greenly January 04, 2007

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