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Short for "punk ass bitch" to be used in the workplace when such profanities are not allowed. Can easily be disguised as "pal" if someone asks what you said. In some cultures, it can stand for "pussy ass bitch"
Carland from accounting is such a PAB, I bet he tosses salads in his spare time.
by HC Green December 01, 2004
The act of forcefully farting (you can be clothed or naked) with your ass inches from someone's face (or grill). You get extra credit if they feel the wind or ass spray on their beak. The terminology derives from the fact that you are basting their grill in your own unique brand of stink.
Damn! Did you see that!? Eli just got grill basted by a 325-pound woman!! That fool is gonna smell like a mix of ho-hos, chocodiles and ass for the rest of the day. What a chump.
by HC Green June 11, 2006
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