22 definitions by HAzE

That girl is one sexy mafk!
by HAZE February 07, 2013
Marques D tried to be clever, but then spelled many words incorrectly. For this, I salute you.

"My nemz Marques and I am haf not got teh spelinz"
by haze December 30, 2003
Hazeth noun (Hay-zi-th)
1.A Beautiful slim mosher/rapper/skater who adores sluts, cars, money
2. An Annoying bastard who slits his wrist with a messy room and a banged up car
3. No lovey-dovey, satanic, MM fan
from america
"F*****g kill you fat b***h"
by HaZe March 26, 2004
ziiing.com. The extra i means extra ziing! Extra comedy! Extra attitude! TO THE MAX!1

Person: "ZIIING!"
by Haze March 23, 2004
Work colleague of Heeley's mum, who goes down to the docks, and whores hmself out to fund his gragarious crack habit.
Yo ditchill, how much yo' cost?

I'm cheap, sailor boy.
by haze February 02, 2004
A disgusting boil, welt, pimple, or herpe, pox, or zit on the human body.
That girl has gernast gerpappies all over her face
by Haze March 09, 2005
A cooling device perfected by Yakanaro Hirahito of South London, the refrigerator or fridge has become very common, especially in Antartica and regions of Iceland.
Father, fetch the tissue! I've just chubby juiced again!
by haze December 29, 2003

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