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Bitter huddys are ex-fans of the American TV series House who are unable to deal with the break-up of the so-called huddy couple (a portmanteau blending the character names House and Cuddy) and the subsequent decision of Lisa Edelstein (the actress who portrayed Cuddy) not to renew her contract and leave the series.

Bitter huddys tend to spend their time trolling House fansites to spoil everyone's fun, insult every fan who dares to enjoy the series without Cuddy, send hateful messages to the Twitter accounts of House crew and cast members, and generally display appalling behaviour that is increasingly painful to watch.

Most of their hate is directed at the series star, Hugh Laurie, and seems to be based either on the fact that he didn't release a public statement praising Lisa Edelstein until the begin of the new season, or (and the opinions seem to differ here) the fact that he didn't somehow prevent her leaving altogether. A third opinion seems to be that he should have abandoned the show when she did, in a contract-breaking display of solidarity.

While some bitter huddys eventually turn away from the series and find something new to enjoy, a small but very vocal group remains online, picking fights with other fans, starting unfounded rumours about the circumstances surrounding Lisa Edelstein's exit, and trying to spread hate and bitterness wherever they go.
House fan: I can't wait for the new episode! The promo looks very promising. I like especially the Wilson/Park scene.
Bitter huddy: No one cares about this series anymore since Cuddy left. The new actresses are all ugly and stupid, the stories are boring, and Hugh Laurie hasn't done any good acting since his last scene with Cuddy.

House fan: I wonder if they will bring Cuddy back for the finale. What do you think?
Bitter huddy: Lisa is so much better than this stupid show. Especially after Hugh Laurie couldn't even be bothered to say anything about her when she left. He's just a terrible person. I actually know that he was the one who forced her exit because she had more fans than all the other characters together. I even have proof for that but I can't share it in an open forum like this.

House fan: I always thought House and Stacy were the best couple.
Bitter huddy: You are delusional and stupid, everybody hated this storyline. Braindead idiots like you make me vomit.
by HAYDEN C February 16, 2012

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A very sexy nickname for the Xbox 360 game console. It was coined by fans of the console in order to express its superiority over other consoles.
Person 1: Hey, do you want to come over and play ps3

Person 2: Screw that! I think I'll just play my SexBox 360
by Hayden C February 18, 2009

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