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Hotter than hell or colder than hell Drier than FUCK no matter where you live. Very few messy things like lake or rivers or rain for that matter.Sun comes up WAY too early and sets WAY too early year round Full of wannabe libertarian gun tottin JACKASSES really mostly handlebar moustached rich middle aged WHITE bastards with bleach blonde too young wives on their arm driving big ass 4X4 pickup trucks Full of really BAD drivers worse when there is ANY weather to speak of. Not to mention the OLD Bastards who should have put it up years ago who try to kill you when you are walking down the street or who off themselves by driving the wrong way down freeway entrances.Tucson and Phoenix = Ridiculous URBAN SPRAWL and TRAFFIC Sedona, Flagstaff and the rest of Northern Arizona = Pretentious rich white bastards with homes they occupy only a few month out of the year because they are smart enough to vacate this SHITHOLE every chance they get.
TRAILER PARK, TRAILER PARK and....TRAILER PARK Full of JACKASS conservative College Students who because it the first time they have been away from home get SHITFACE any chance they get and act like the JCAKASSES that they really are. Street Assaults NECK Stabbings seem to be the method of choice. FRI/SAT night = Multiple JACKASSES face down on the side walk bleeding after mixing it up at the WANNABE Hip Hop Club. P.S. Recent development Neck stabbings to be replaced by RECTAL Stabbings as method of choice No Joke!!!
Yeah Dude used to live in Arizona. Sure glad I got myself outta that SHITHOLE
by HATE AZ May 10, 2011

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