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4 definitions by HALLY15

The ability to play a game once it has been completed.
James:what did you think of GTA IV?
Seb: Awsome, has great replayability
by HALLY15 September 13, 2010
When a tree or tree branch attacks you.
"oh no, you just got sqodged by that tree!"
by hally15 September 15, 2009
An application that alows you to recover an i product that is stuck in recovery mode. This application is a Mac exclusive and cannot be used on windows, yet!
James: Damn! my iphone is stuck in recovery mode.
Seb: Dont worry, use RecBoot
James: Wow! works like a charm, where did you find that?
Seb: In MacWorld Magaizne!
James: Awsome
by HALLY15 September 15, 2010
after wearing a watch for a pro longed period the watch begins to wear away at the skin. The spot will be red and sore for a few day and then a few days later will peal away. After about a week the spot apears normal as if nothing had happened
James: hey, got a red spot on my arm under were my watch sits.
Seb: oh don't worry its just watch burn, it will disappear after a few days
by HALLY15 October 06, 2010