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2 definitions by HAIR!

A one word sentence, usually used to be stupid. Must be used very loudly and obnoxiously to annoy people that you want to leave you alone.
Hey, what are you gunna do today?


What? Hair, what are you talking about?


Why do you keep screaming hair?



by HAIR! June 16, 2008
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A bunch of really gay people that think there cool but really arent. They say they dont want to be a conformist and be like normal people so they go and conform with another group.

Their music is really terrible and consists of guitarist who are really god aweful and have probably never played the guitar in there life and there singer usually has the voice of a three year old girl, but they woud probably sound better if they got the cock out of their mouth.

You can usually find an emo/qweer in the arcade of a mall playing dance dance revolution or in hot topic, where all there gay clothes are sold. There hair is usually a different color every other week and it comes down to there jaw bone on one side of there face and is straightend and the back is really spikey and looks like it could be wrung out with grease to cook bacon with. They wear black or gray usually with a little bit of pink and have fingerless gloves that come up to there elbows usually because they dont realize how gay it looks. You can usually find an emo wearing about 3242 spiked wrist bands that they never take off not even to shower.

Emos dont like sports. For many reasons, mostly because they suck balls in sports. But also because it requires that you put forth effort and there so lazy they dont want to do that. Another reason is because most jocks make fun of and beat up emos...because there gay.

You can also identify an emo by the 22374293472934729374 peircings in there face, mostly in the lips, nose, or ears. It is also easy to point out an emo because they will be jacking off to Harry Potter, or anime crap. They usually wear skin tight pants because they have no ball sack anymore, and are the scrawniest human beings in the world.

Emos are just a bunch of gay losers that caint make friends so they formed there own little cliche
Confused Girl: Gosh your hott! I just love that your wearing the same pants as me and that i could probably beat your ass if i wanted to...I want you to fuck me right now!

Emo: Haha no way, what do you think i am...normal. I dont like girls and besides i dont have a penis anymore so i caint have sex with you.
by HAIR! June 16, 2008
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