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Something I say to my boyfriend when he's being to gentle
Come on chris fuck me, pound me like a mallard duck.
by HAIL January 05, 2005
Cindy's favorite pastime...
Also a great way to remember Paul Baumer for a Modern History test.
The main character on "All quiet on the Western Front"
Shin-Dig likes the creamy feel of the explosion created by the Palm Bomb.
by Hail November 26, 2003
A insult given to a member of the male sex meaning he likes to take it from behind. A common insult given to a male named phillip and invented by Jill.
What a shitfag!
by Hail November 22, 2003
Being both pepsi and tipsy at the same time, thus, being drunk... Probably the reason the word is used this way...
Wow! I feel quite pepsi today! Tubing while benderizing eh Elspeth....Shin-dig?? EH?!?!?!
by Hail December 19, 2003

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