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Also known as Miami International Airport. The leading gateway to South and Latin America. And the Carribean in the world.
American Airlines Hub.
( Captain) Okay ladies and Gentelmen we will be landing in MIA shortly thanks for flying with us.
by HA MIami August 09, 2005
Really just the best place in the world. Best place in the United States. Why? Because its nothing like the United States. And international Destination for an American. Only thing different is you dont need your passport.
Miami is really just the best. See All of Florida is in the south with all the americans but once you hit Miami your out of the south ha ha ha. Wierd eh?
You got everything in Miami. Best city in the US! HA. Economic Capital of South America!
Ha Gateway to the Americas.
Miami International Airport the most domiant Latin American Hub! Ha.
South Beach endless night life.
Ha Whites are the minority. Official Language is spanish.
Ha Miami is awesome best place!
Ha why does Everyone in Florida hate Miami? Becuase they know how much better Miami is to the rest of the state.
by HA MIami August 08, 2005
Magic City is for Orlando? No way! THe Magic City is the nickname for Miami FL! Oh yea. Orlandos Nickname is " The city Buetiful Ha.
Miami is now the 6th largest city in the US. 50th in the world yet it only started with a population of 300 in 1896 thats one young city. Magic!
by HA MIami August 08, 2005
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