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the group you hang with, or people who are nameless, but with the group.
A. you going out tonight with your mans and them?

B. I saw you last night at the club with your mans and them.
by H666 February 20, 2008
A. an oily lotion/cure all used in the 1880's to fix everything.
B. a word you can add on to anything to make your phrase longer, and make the list sound way more awesome.
A. hear ye! the linament in this vial can fix any of what ails ye! rub it on your bald spot, and you'll grow hair!
B1. I just got this wicked car with a cd player with mp3 jack, power windows, leather interior and linament.
B2. you love my bald spot don't you baby? you wanna rub it all up with oils and linaments?
by H666 February 20, 2008

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