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the place where all lost things go until they are eventually found in the most random places
Bob: Hey man, where's the bracelet you always wear?

Jim: Oh bro didn't I tell you? Somehow I lost it. It came right off my arm without me noticing.

Bob: Ah, so it's where Amelia Earheart is.
by H3MAN4694 January 24, 2011
The word that can be used in any way, shape, or form to describe general awesomeness. a lifestyle that's code is understood by all those who follow it, without explanation. It is everything yet nothing can compare to it. it simply is, and always will be, frump.
Frump big or frump home

What the frump is up?

Bro, this party is so frump

We be frumpin everywhere
by h3man4694 June 22, 2011
1. An Indian person, typically having a very bad accent.

2. A person that has a laser guide, big pimple, cut forehead, Hindu dot, or a makeup malfunction in between their eyebrows.

3. Any American racist against other Americans
"Hallo, mai name is Chandri al-Saldiin, and I hail from da southern India."

"Hello, Habeebee"
by h3man4694 February 01, 2010

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