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Similar to the mallrat, the rural Wal-rat hangs out at the local Wal-mart because his or her town is too small to support an actual mall.
Philip: So... Earl, what is there to do for fun around here in Whiteland, IN (real place, look it up.)

Earl: Welp, you can come wid us down to Franklin to the Wal-mart so we can play some video games while Jeff flirts with the chick from the gun and tackle section. I also heard that the Mickey D's there brought back the super size, we can hit that up after we pick up the new Nickelback cd.

Philip: Nah, that's cool. I'll just stick with this porn. I'm not really down with the Wal-rat scene anyways.
by H2zZ April 04, 2006
The substition of a lame or unhip word for one that is cool or trendy. Variation of euphemism. The "ph" does make the "f" sound in this particular word.
Involved Dad: Wow, that young lady over there is awfully foxy.

Ungrateful Son: Please pops, that bitch is bangin.

Involved Dad: Nice pimphemism son.

Ungrateful Son: Yeah, whateva...
by H2zZ July 08, 2006
when an unusually tall girl is giving a man a rusty trombone in the 69 position while pissing in his mouth
"That Josh Watson is a lucky man dating that ckick basketball player, she's so tall that she spit valved him last night."
by H2zZ December 09, 2004
A substitution for ANY measurement of time. Can be used as a good way to agitate your friends.
1) I am 20 McNuggets old.

2) Damn Mario, you need to eat more fiber man. You were in the bathroom for a good 20 McNuggets.

3)#1- Hey Vince, how long did you put that popcorn in the microwave for?
#2- About 20 McNuggets.
#1- ha... ha... ha... your a childish son of a bitch
#2- Yeah...
#1- No seriously, I can see smoke.
by H2zZ November 29, 2005
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