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In rural parts of the country, a party in a pasture where underage kids go to drink alcohol - usually high school rednecks.
Me: Hey - there's a pasture party out by Indian Creek on Saturday night, wanna go?
You: Oh hell naw, those rednecks just wanna get drunk and fight over fat, ugly cows.
by H0lyC0w October 05, 2009
Somebody who gives blowjobs. Derogatory slang for a gay male.
Me: you little wiener washer.
You: Yeah, so what.
by H0lyC0w October 05, 2009
to be killed by hitting a tree while skiing or snowboarding
Me: Did you hear about Sonny? He wacked out in Colorado.
You: Wow, that's too bad.
Me: Yeah, lots of people wacked out that year. Weird.
by H0lyC0w October 04, 2009

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