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Setting your favourite song as your ring tone and then, after months of hearing it over and over again through your phone's bass-hating speakers, growing to hate it through too much repetition
"Isn't this your favourite song?"

"No, I can't stand it anymore. I set it as my ring tone and after four months of hearing just the chorus I cracked."

"Gutted. That's some pretty dim toning on your part."


"What have you got as your ring tone now?"

"Why are we talking about ring tones?"

"We must just be losers."

by H.S. Willsy August 25, 2011
When someone gets wasted to the point that there brains are literally no longer in their skull, they are Kurt Cobrained.
"Ah, fuck! This kid on the sofa's Kurt Cobrained man!"


"His brains are all external to his skull and shit!"

"Ahhh! Fuck! Put a lamp shade over his head or something!"

"Ahhh! Okay, there we go. Now what?"

"Now we warm these Pot Noodles up."
by H.S. Willsy August 24, 2011
A general term for a fully functional, self-moistening vagina, i.e. one between the ages of 13 and 43
"She looked pretty old, did she still have a spladge?"

"Nah but she a bucket full of lube."


"Not really, it was literally in a bucket. She got it out of her garage. I think she might be using it as WD40 when her vagina's on downtime."

"Grim mate, grim."
by H.S. Willsy August 23, 2011
The collective noun of hippies, as in- a whoa of hippies
"Which whoa were you in, the one with the drum circle or the one that Timothy Leary was hanging around?"

"Err...it was the one with the dragon that kept vomiting itself inside out... I think."

"Okay so the second one then. Now lets just go over there and get your goddamn shoes back so we can leave."
by H.S. Willsy August 15, 2011
Slang term for midgets / dwarfs / little people
"Hey, wha'dya want for the giant?"

"I'll take two stunts and a geek if ya got 'em."

"How about two stunts and dog girl?"

"That sounds about right."

"Beautiful...hey, when you were a kid did you ever think that you'd grow up to sell circus freaks like they were farm animals?"

"Pretty much."

"Yeah...me too. Hey, wha'dya want for that incontinent oriental cyclops?"
by H.S. Willsy August 23, 2011
Lady clitoral masturbation that involves an E. Honda like hand movement
"And then I panicked and started thrashing myself!"

"Shit! Did you get the job?"

"Yeah! He gave me a pack of mints and the keys to his car too!
by H.S. Willsy August 23, 2011

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