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In a town you must fight to survive, there was a small school that defied all odd, and did the impossible.
From the producers of:
Shall we Dance or Shall we Buy Really Expensive Things,
Harold and Kumar of Westport go to and buy White Castle,
and Crouching Tiger, Hidden Rich Person
comes the extraordinary story of an ordinary school with a lot of money. At $2.00 for a Bacon Cheeseburger and $1.75 for a Vitamin Water, Staples High School is not a place you wanna be living in if you're black. Coincidentally, there are 7 Black people in SHS, which is the reason for our basketball and fried chicken eating contest success. The school requires academic excellence, and you're a failure if you don't go to an ivy league college, hence the large amount of asians. Of course, because they all look alike, it's tough to tell that there are infact more than one of them, but if you look at the yearbook, they're there. Additionally, the kids from Westport are breed for exceptional achievement in sports, with the help of fancy equipment. In fact, rumor has it that some kid bought a $500 baseball bat before actually making the team. Of course as fate would have it, the little pudgester got cut. Of course, this meant nothing except maybe he'd have to go a day without his normal gourmet meals, but this kid had enough gourmet meal to feed all of africa. A typical math class consists of each and every student equiped with TI-84 Plus calculators, which go for $120 a piece wholesale. Another exrtaordinary thing about this mid-sized, recently renovated school is that, the minute you walk in the door, on the floor is a 10 foot emblem, made of marble imported directly from Italy. This bad boy goes for 17 grand and upward. The film and audio classes are surrounded with only the most recent and high tech programs on the market, and every room in the entire school has an 8 foot pull down projection screen, with a full color, state of the art RBY projecter paired with it. However, contrary to popular belief, the teachers there are oblivious. After school hours are spent infront of the TV, enjoying a friendly game of Xbox live and a light snack, consisting of milk, cookies, and weed. So this summer, prepare yourself for a joureny that will stay with you... forever

Staples High School: The Movie
"Staples High School has 6 1/2 black people in it"
"The people at Staples High School like drugs"
by H. Sid Westport April 13, 2005
A hook up with the sole purpose of raising one's self-esteem.

A person (usually a girl) trying to fuck someone so that they can reassure themselves that that look good/are still skinny enough for others to desire them.
"Did you hook up with John last night?"
"Yeah, but it was just a skinny fuck. It didn't mean anything and now I feel better knowing at least John still wants to fuck me."
by H. Sid Westport May 18, 2009

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