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An online independant gaming site dedicated to discussing, collecting and playing Heroclix, the highly popular Superhero miniatures game by Wizkids, which is notably cheaper than Games Workshop (WH40K), and with better production values than any other Superhero figure game presently on the market. HCRealms is the premier player independant discussion board, and is more popular with players than Wizkids own, somewhat sycophantic, site. Players use a combination of HCRealms and BattlePlanner to coordinate their involvement in Tournament Play. The HCRealms demograph varies from early teens through to aging gamers - with a fairly even spread across the age range. In keeping with gaming in general, the male / female ratio on the HCRealms boards is about 10:1.
HcRealms is the most active and vocal Heroclix fanbase on the web.
Often maligned by those neither creative nor intelligent enough to understand the enjoyable and addictive nature of the game. (see existing definitions)
Populated by people with high IQs (to understand the rules), above average incomes (in order to pay for all the figures), and lots of free time (due to already having the wife / girlefriend / boyfriend / husband / significant other that so many of their clubing and socialising contempories so noticibly lack.)
by H. Kenward May 30, 2008

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