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5 definitions by H. Blonde

Lustful or outright pronographic text messages.
That creep sent me a few x messages last night.
by H. Blonde October 01, 2007
19 3
a rebuttle to the over used and now almost meaningless "thats gay" and a subtle rebuke to those still using "gay" as a pejorative term.

1. "You watch America's Next Top....that's gay"

"To the contrary...not gay enough"

by H. Blonde October 02, 2007
16 3
a silly and harmless youth driven machination or plot designed to make the conspirators laugh at the expense of those conspired against. a kidspiracy exhibits a juvenile sense of humor that should offend adults and appear to them utterly pointless.

mainly found on the web, yet may be uncovered anywhere kids congragate.

immature adults are also known to kidspire.
That Rickroll is a real kidspiracy.

The web has given rise to many kidspiracy theories like "rickroll" and "peanut butter jelly time".
by H. Blonde August 13, 2007
17 6
Emasculated (male) Prius owner. Sensitive and sensible male who looks like a phallus yet most likely does not use his own. A man who has checked his manhood at the Toyota dealership.
Jon is a real Prinus, driving his hybrid car to the Greenpeace rally and thinking his exhaust don't stink.

by H. Blonde August 06, 2008
2 3
An older gay male who is sexually interested in young men. Similar to a cougar. The 'bob' denotes male while the 'cat' implies the cougar-like tendencies.
Conrad is having his birthday at '2 Dollar Bills', I'm sure there will be a few Bobcats there.
by H. Blonde July 17, 2008
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