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S'n D is an abbreviation for "Suckin Dick"

The D can be replaced with the first letter of any other body part.

Guy: Hey bitch, stop S'n D, and lick my butt

Bitch: OK, I will stop S'n D and lick your butt
#blowjob #suck #dick #penis #bitch
by H-town Crew March 12, 2008
A term used to describe a finely rolled joint, The term is used with the intention to keep it a secret. Named Conan O'Brian because of his finely done hairstyle.
Friend 1: Hey would you like to join me and Conan O'Brian on the back patio?

Friend 2: Yes I would love to go on the back patio and smoke a finely rolled joint!
#joint #weed #marijuana #bud #green
by H-town Crew March 12, 2008
An excuse you can use if anyone catches you in the act of beating off because the art of "pulling handles" in ceramics looks like the male form of masturbating.
Professor: Hey Dan, what are you doing over there in the corner?

Dan: Oh...um...nothing...just pulling handles!

Professor: Ok, good...I thought you were masturbating.
#beating off #masturbating #excuse #pottery #ceramics
by H-town Crew March 12, 2008
When a guy is getting a gal up the booty with his ding-a-ling and one of his guy friends, who has been waiting in the closet, sneaks up and puts his ding-a-ling in immediately after the 1st guy "accidentally" pulls out. Then the 1st guy sneaks runs outside and knocks on the window to inform his gal that she has received the boogeyman. This act is used to pay a bitch back or to get a lonely friend some ass.
Guy: Hey (place guys name here), do you want to give (place girls name here) the boogeyman tonight?

Friend: Yes, I'd love to stick my "D" in her "B"...lets do it!
#booty #anal #sex #ding-a-ling #penis #dick #cock #sneaky #trick
by H-town Crew March 12, 2008
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