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the act of oral sex while simultaneously massaging the shaft and scrotum or the male genitalia in a piano like action
Tron: Dude jenny played symphony #9 on my cock last night.
Bovice: what ya mean bro?
Tron: toats ma goats, she gave me the best beethoven blow job last night ever
she played my dick like a piano bro
by H-nasty 11 July 31, 2010
the act of ejaculating repeatedly into an ice cube tray and sticking tooth picks in it like a frozen tasty treat and passing it out to the neighborhood kids you hate.
Kids: Mister why is this shit so salty

Old trash baster: cause its a Carolina Cumsicle, bitches
by H-nasty 11 July 31, 2010
act of giving oral sex while simultaneously moving both hands in opposite directions on shaft of penis.
Tron: why is Omar clinching his nuts so bad?

Bobice: because his lady gave him a fucking indian rug burn last night
by H-nasty 11 July 31, 2010
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