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-refers to a number; when a lot doesnt cut it
Kid 1: Yo let's go play madden !
Kid 2: Kid i smashed you like a fah-shmillion times in that game
by H-Carr March 08, 2009
1. The act of tailgating WAYYYYY too close to the car in front of you

2. the person behind you is wayyyy too close for comfort. in a car

A short stop by the car being bumper loved in both cases can result in being/doing the rear-ending
Driver: Yo ! this car behind me is mad close, they keep bumper lovin !
by H-Carr March 08, 2009
to defeat an opponent in a spectacularly violent fashion, usually involving bullets or a special move.
AHHH !! FLAMBUCTUATED !!! BEAST !!..you didnt even see the Zangief coming
by H-Carr March 14, 2009

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