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A drinking game played with 3-3 cup triangle on each side of a traditional beer pong table. When pronouced it must be yelled like "SSSSSSSIIIIIIEEEEEGGGEEEEEEEEEE!" accompanied with a fist in the air.
Lets play some mothafucking SIEGE!!!!
#beer #drinking #game #brew #awesome
by H The Coach August 10, 2007
A derogatory term directed at African Americans. A typical Damus wears a white "tall tee", baggy jeans, stolen Jordans, an Atlanta flat-billed hat, and has dreadlocks, and is usually strapped with a 9. They are traditionally aggressive drivers and human beings. Interests include basketball and robberies.
Pacman Jones and Michael Vick are the defintions of a Damus.

I walked into KFC and it was like a Damus convention.
#black people #michael vick #pacman jones #ghetto #stealing
by H The Coach August 10, 2007
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