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3 definitions by H Kopciak

Anything having to do with the lesbian culture, especially Rossie O'Donnell.
Those Birckenstock sandals are so lesbinotic.
by H Kopciak July 30, 2008
The act of someone (usually a stranger) taking your specially made coffee from the Starbucks counter after it has been announced. Starjackings most commonly occur when the Starbucks is crowded and the barristas are falling behind.
My morning was thrown out of kilter when someone so rudely Starjacked, my Venti-triple-upsidedown-caramel machiado this morning.
by H Kopciak July 30, 2008
A cross between alzheimers & dyslexia, where the little that you remember is all mixed up.
I have been aflected with Dyslex-heimers since I entered the business world.
by H Kopciak July 30, 2008