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A play on words- similar to the word "nostalgic", only used in a negative sense to recall an event that traumatized you.
Every time I hear The Jonas Brothers, I get a little nastalgic because my ex-girlfriend broke up with me because I called Joe Jonas gay after seeing him dance the "Single Ladies" dance on Youtube. The Joehoez get me again. Blast!
by H*ck Yeah June 26, 2009
A shortened term for 'your orgasm' when talking in the first person about another's orgasm.
Usually used around your friends, but can be used in formal conversation to varied results.
"Hey Ricardo, why'd you stop texting me last night? Yourgasm get on your phone keys?"

"Mr. Lopez, these pages are sticking together. I think you got some of yourgasm on the pages. I know what geometry does to you.
by H*ck Yeah February 18, 2009
A pet name given to the highly popular band 'The Jonas Brothers'
Although many people dislike this band for one reason or another, they be hella rich, so I am guessing they don't care.
But you can keep on dissing them all you want, you Wal-Mart employee, you.
1. Maria Rosa, the slota, got tickets to go to the Joehoez concert! What a sacapuntas.

2. My friend Leona is ugly and I hate her, mostly because she snagged a pair of the Joehoez's underwear. Unfortunately, they were clean.
by H*ck Yeah February 16, 2009
What the male fans of the the band "The Metro Station" ride on as they skim freakishly close to boarding The Gayline Railroad.

A combination of the words Metro Station and Metrosexual, both of which utterly elude me.
"Jimmy is becoming a slave to Disney bands. Last month the Joehoez, and he just bought a ticket at the Metrosexual Station. What a dufflebag."
by H*ck Yeah May 06, 2009
A weird day of sorts: A day where a town of 7,000 gathers in their town square and feasts on free pancakes, watches crappy entertainment/a parade, and, to continue the cliché small-town festival-ness, cheers on the lovely lady contestants vying for the chance to be called "Miss Pancake Day".
-This festival is hosted yearly in Centerville, Iowa
-This ingenious get-together started in 1949; Aunt Jemima would be proud.
Bo Dean: "Martha Sue! Round up the young'ns!! It's Pancake Day!"
by H*ck Yeah July 11, 2009
An insult used on a member of society who has caused some sort of problem.
-The word kniving is actually pronounced CUH-NIVE-ING, but would ruin the pun if it was spelled a way different than it is.
The word is coined by a good friend of mine, so I decided to steal it.
Like she'll check UrbanDictionary anyways.
Terry: "Jillian ate the last bit of the Lucky Charms I bought!!"
Natalie: "Yeesh, what a forking kniving spooner!! Those were name-brand Lucky Charms, too!" *scorns*
Jillian: *cowers in corner*
by H*ck Yeah July 11, 2009
Eyelashes that males have, obviously.
Girls seem to think that these eyelashes are much longer and "prettier" than their own, and always make point to tell you this.
-Could possibly have magical powers we are unaware of.
Emily: Wow, Ricardo, your eyelashes are amazing! Let's go out so we can have casual sex!
Ricardo: *later, in mirror* Thank you, guylashes, for getting me some tail.
by H*ck Yeah July 17, 2009

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