2 definitions by H'eey'babez -or H

A small Gypsy child- Chipolata's are small and so you combine that with a gypsy and happy days you've got a "Gypolata"!
*Driving along* *Peer to your left and see a gypsy family in a layby*
"Look at that bunch of filthy Gypsy's and Gypolatas!!"
"Haha... Scumbags!"
by H'eey'babez -or H March 22, 2010
Another word for feminine trousers, but in a masculine manner. A man wearing leggings may not accept they are femine and so if you are that male you could say your not wearing leggings but Testosterousers!
Rude Boy "Nice leggings you queer!"
You "Oi you little shit! They're Testosterousers!"
by H'eey'babez -or H April 05, 2010

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