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A form of dance originating and deriving its name from Jersey City, in which a group of male dancers dance by the entrance to the Holland Tunnel, and attempt to tap each other with their cocks. If you get tapped by three different cocks you're in for a 5 min penalty during which ur required to polish their schlongs.
It's the Jersey City Tap Dance, u better speed up or bend over!!
by Höegardener October 16, 2010
Shit flake ballet is a toilet based scene created by a person with hillbilly mentality and severe self-inflicted bowel issues. A person engaged in the generation of this scene initially drops a half liquid shit flake mix out of his ass into a toilet. He then proceeds to gently stir the bowl of shit flakes with his semi hard cock, until the entire universe of shit flakes is dancing around the bowl in a harmonious and theatrical fashion.
It's the Shit Flake Ballet, baby! Nanananananaaanaa
by Höegardener October 16, 2010
A car whose primary function is to measure of the size of a man's penis
"Hey bitch, getcha ass in here, we be rollin' in my Bentley, bitch!"
"Off the cliff cockalyzer faggot!"
by Höegardener October 19, 2010
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