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A.B.M. stands for "All but married." Similar to A.B.E., A.B.M. may denote that a couple is engaged, but not yet married. In particular, it may denote a rather long engagement period, but not always. See example (1)

Other times, it may be used as a loose synonym for A.B.E. and may or may not denote behavior between a couple that is more serious than expected at an early stage of dating. See example (2)

Similar to the academic lingo, A.B.D., All but dissertation.
Ellie and Stew are A.B.M.; they've been engaged for three years!

Jay: Zack is A.B.M.
Frank: Yeah, I hardly ever see him anymore since he started dating Kim.
by Gypsyseoul January 19, 2010
A.B.E. stands for "All but engaged" and refers to a couple who have been together seriously for a long time, and are expected to marry but have not officially announced engagement.

Similar to the A.B.D., "All but dissertation."

May be loosely substituted with the acronym, A.B.M., all but married.
Eunice and Thad are A.B.E.; they've been dating for over a year now and have talked about marriage. She's just waiting for him to pop the question.
by Gypsyseoul January 19, 2010

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