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Potential female sex partners who are unknown to the pursuing party. First coined in the cult classic movie The Warriors.
"One thing we might get out of Cyrus's get-together is meeting some strange wool. I wouldn't mind laying something down on the way back."

"Hey lets go to the freshmen dorms and gool some strange wool"
by Gypo April 30, 2006
Shortened from gabagool. Can mean any of the following:
1. Food, as relating to gabagool.
2. To eat.
3. To injure or harm yourself.
4. To have sex with.
1. "Man, I'm f#$kin' hungry, I could really go for some gool right now.
2. "Damn girl!You gooled that double-cheeseburger like a champ."
3. "I really gooled my arm donkey punching that slam-pig"
4. "O man, I gooled her for two hours before the cops came!"
by Gypo April 30, 2006

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