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Construction worker generic name for the guy who bangs your wife while you are out of town working.
Guy 1: Man, my wife keeps wanting extra money.

Guy 2: Well, yeh, Jodi gets hungry, too!
by gwarg December 22, 2014
Being devoted; Especially in religion. It can also mean devotion and reverence to your parents.
I exhibit piety with every devout act, thought, or statement I make.
by Gwarg March 04, 2004
1) One of the easiest to learn programming languages, usually taught in early courses of computer programming.

2) Also, one of the most fun to use for musical and graphical enjoyment.
1) As a freshman in high school we learned how to program in Qbasic!

2) To annoy the teacher I created ring tones using Qbasic... and was suspended for 5 days...
by Gwarg March 04, 2004
A term used to describe a person or persons who are easily frustrated by minor tasks, or trivial jobs.
He never wants to do anything, and I'll never get him to take out the trash, Mike is such a gwarg!
by Gwarg March 04, 2004
A tramp stamp located on the front of a female's body in the lower stomach or groin area above the vagina, hence the name.
She dropped her pants and we all saw her vag badge.
by gwarg May 22, 2014
The science of experiments and dashes of creativity.
Through xperimentology the world is making itself... a better place.
by Gwarg March 04, 2004
I word in spanish which means tall or lengthy. It can also be used as an abbreviation for altometer.
That mountain es mas alto.
by Gwarg March 04, 2004
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