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A loser
A beatiful Japanese WW" fighter
NOT a number
by Gwando November 09, 2003
correct spelling for a man who likes or fantasises of sex with young children. Much like a vampire, he lurks in the night. When a child is struck, that child will itself become a recluse and eventually a paedophile, passing it on to any they strike. The only known cure is a stake though the heart or castration. Must be separated form 'regular' prisoners while in jail for their crimes, otheriwse their life expectancy is about 2 days before they get nonce bashed.
Dude1: A peadophile on msn tried to get me to meet up with him in the park after dark!
Dude2: I got peadophiled once when i was 5. My dad says when i'm older ill turn into one
by Gwando November 09, 2003
aint in that game bitch. Info that dude cut 'n' pasted is accurate.
The weapon you usually see terrorists and pretty much every middle eastern or african military / para-military group carrying around like they the ass is the AK-47, the most commonly produced automatic rifle in history, used by them cos they poor.
Bin Laden rammed his AK firmly up George W.'s Ass.
by Gwando November 09, 2003
Involves crabs and dangling, ie one from the southern states infested with lice, engaging in acrobatic intercourse, with man woman or beast.
Cleetus crab dangled the prize hog, when his momma found out she burned his pubes off wid a blow torch till he wus clean
by Gwando November 09, 2003
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