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A sexy bisexual guy, always out for a good time, but can be horribly awkward.

Can't give up on his friends, as hopeless as they are, and even if he says he does, within a couple of days, hes back.

Usually scrawny, and easily taken advantage of. Goofy grins all around~ Doesn't much like energy drinks, but give him a soda any day.

Most say he would be a awesome boyfriend, but hes very nervous and anxious around some people, and takes awhile to be comfortable with someone. If somethings bothering him, its not unusual for him to hide out alone, and for not many people to notice.
Has his best times with people who are more outgoing than him.
1.) " Yeah, Max comforted me last night... I don't know how many things he can take. He doesn't seem to have people that /he/ can rely on."
" Eh, its how he is. Not like he has any problems anyhow."

2.) Max: *chuckles, giving a small smile* Ah, Sorry. I'm a bit out of it today...
Sam: I would expect so. *laughs out loud* I just woke you up~! * is standing outside, poking head through his room's window*
Max: What, is it like, 2 AM?

Sam: YESH. NOW, get a shirt on, and lets go! *leans in to nip his cheek, then jumps back out onto the yard*
by Guy~ August 13, 2011

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