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1)something u have in order 2 make money
2)names 4 sex acts (handjobs, blowjobs, etc)
3)something u r responsible 4
4)jack off back spasms
1)I have 2 go 2 work in my fucking cubicle everyday, casue if i dont have a job i wont have any money.
2)That slut sure did give me a good job last night. And she swallowed 2!
3)It's your job 2 see that the car gets cleaned.
4)Oh god! I got back spasms from jacking off 2 much! I must be a jobs!
by Guy_Who_Fucks_Hot_Girls August 10, 2004
the nickname 4 some fat dude i know who likes 2 drink and look at porn and has no life
Captain Morgan, put down the bottle and get your dick outta your hands
by Guy_Who_Fucks_Hot_Girls August 10, 2004
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