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To be honest, I dont understand why people have to complain and argue about this subject. It is a fact that the two will never get along, but ill atleast try to shed some light on the subject. Most people who are in favor of airsoft think that it is gay, the guns dont hurt, they can barely go through paper and they have a max range of 10 feet. While in reality, some guns are like this, while most have the power to break skin and travel 100+ feet. In addition to this, with certain bbs, a airsoft gun can break and shoot through glass. Neither sport is for pussies, fags or military drop outs. I am on the side of airsoft, but I still love paintball. While the ammunition is different, the concept is the same: two teams, shoot the other guy.
Guy #1 Im going to go play airsoft

Guy #2 Airspft is gay, painball is better

Guy #1 Paintball is gay

Guy #3 Both of you shut the f*ck up!

by Guy129 November 27, 2011
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