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turkish symbol for masturbation
- 3 is the hand
- 1 is the cock
by guy smiley May 02, 2003
An erect clitoris (vagina boner).
That bitch was gettin' so hot. She had a huge vagoner!
by Guy Smiley November 12, 2003
McBarl means four different things and can be used interchangably.

1) Dahaki McBarl: A beautiful, ever searching nomad who was complacent in
her wandering ways until she met the magnificient Nanooki Khan and he planted

2) McBarl = The Bar ex. - "Are we going to the Machghbarl tonight?" or "When are we leaving the McBarl?"

3) McBarl = Bonus ex. - "I just found this beer in the back of the frig!"
Proper reply: "McBarl!" or "If I win the election, women will flock to me."
Response? "McBarl!"

4) McBarl = A good time ex. "That was a McBarl last night at the Root Beer
Stand." or "I think planting flowers is a real McBarl."
To incorporate all four meanings of the word in one conversation is unique.
Here is an actual conversation:

Phyllis: "They had a buy one beer get another free at the McBarl (the bar) last night."

Yvette: "McBarl" (Bonus)

Phyllis: "Yeah, what a McBarl (a good time) last night."

Yvette:"Yes, I wish McBarl (Dahaki) was there, though."

Phyllis: "Yes, I missed her last night, for sure!"
by Guy Smiley July 27, 2004
-Turkish for man of many inches

-a turkish prince.
That singer from blue monday completely wanted bilal's ass
by guy smiley May 02, 2003
An individual who has uncontrollable orgasms.
Mitch: Dennis, check out that chick!
Dennis: Where? Over there? Aw shit!
Mitch: Dennis has done it again! Popper!
by Guy Smiley November 12, 2003
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