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1. When trees (or any plant for that matter) shake pollen everywhere in spring. Treegasm.
2. The pollen that results from trees shaking or from having a treegasm.
2. Having sex in trees.
1. Guy: Dude, I don't want to go outside, there's a bunch of tree sex going down and I have allergies.
Dude: I thought that was herpes!

2. Guy: Aww, Dude! I got tree sex in my eyes!
Dude: I thought that was herpes!

3. Guy: Dude, I totally had tree sex with Gal last night!
Dude: Guy, she has herpes!
by Guy Diddley April 15, 2006
1. Word describing anything that contains weed, usually food.
2. Word describing one who is high.

derived from mold
1. Dude, want some brownies? They're f--king moldy.
2. Dude, Guy smoked like a pound of mold and he's hella moldy.
by Guy Diddley April 27, 2006
Weed. Pot. Those green leaves that make you high. See marijuana.
Guy: What's this green stuff in these peanut butter crackers you gave me?
by Guy Diddley March 28, 2006
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